The entire staff of Upper Denkyira West Health Sector met  at the District Assembly Hall on wednesday,19th July 2023 for their excerpts from the 1st half year review meeting.

Mr Stephen Ntim made the presentation at the meeting and the following were out listed as the headlines from his presentation

a) Pregnant women being affected  with malaria.

He outlined from his presentation that malaria is high among pregnant women due to the following reasons;

1) most households don’t clear the water at the back of their bathhouse which end up breeding mosquitoes. 2) Most pregnant women do not sleep in the nets. 3) Most of these pregnant women are sellers at night. 4) Most do not visit health facilities early for treatment.


  1. Intensifying the rate of registering the pregnant women or the in charges should make sure their nurses have register for the pregnant women for easy monitoring.
  2. Counselling of pregnant women on regular basis.

b) Some OPD diseases in the district

i) Malaria                                                      vi) UTIs

ii) Skin diseases                                           vii) Pneumonia

iii) Diarrhoea                                                viii) URTIs

iv) Rheumatism                                            ix) Pregnancy related diseses

v) Anaemia                                                     x) Transport Injuries

c) Epidemic Prone Disease in the District

Disease/year            2021       2022    2023

Yellow Fever            2               2           0

Measles                     3               5           9

AFP                           2                2           1

Meningitis               0               0           0

Cholera                    0               0           0

d) Treatment on Tuberculosis (TB)

Year                                  2021                         2022                    2023

TB Cases                           13                               14                         10

Treatment Success      13 (100%)               12 (85.7%)          10 (100%)

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